Liz Dore presents the following workshops to support people who have an intellectual disability or ASD to develop good personal relationships:

Train the Trainer in Relationship Skills

Available on request for organisations wanting professional development for staff.

A professional development day for support workers, counsellors and educators working with teenagers and/or adults with disability. This workshop includes practical activities and a Relationship Skills resource with session plan, social guides and a photo kit. This workshop is ideal for professionals wanting to teach friendship, dating and relationship skills to individuals or small groups of people with disability.

For more information contact Liz Dore  (Counsellor and Educator) on
0416 122 634 or 

People often ask if I will run a workshop for one particular disability group. In my experience, having people with a variety of disability has worked very well. The people who come to the Friendship and Dating Skills workshops have generally been reasonably independent. The participants have always found someone to sit next to and someone to have lunch or a drink with. There have been lots of discussion about their interests, school/work or leisure and in the closing activity everyone has been given a compliment by one or two group participants. Quotes from a recent Friendship and Dating Skills workshop include:

“Everyone of us are people and we share the same hardships in having to get through. We meet as friends and as a group to learn”

“I learnt what to do in relationships like when to hold hands”

“I’ve got new friends and (learnt) how to make friends and relationships. Showing all the relationship and sex stages”

“I have learnt respectful part of relationships.”

Liz can also conduct tailor made workshops for your group or service.

Friendship and dating skills

This workshop topics includes:

  •       Self esteem
    •       When to ask a person out
    •       Communication skills
    •       Turn taking
    •       Greetings and farewells,
    •       Touching, timing and consent

Activities, worksheets, DVD’s and an outing to a local venue for a drink will be opportunities used for structured education in building friendship and dating skills.

Friendship Skills

The workshop topics  include:

  •       Self esteem
    •       Feeling good about myself
    •       Communication skills
    •       Turn taking
    •       Developing friendships
    •       Thinking about others
    •       Positive sharing
    •       Taking care of myself

Activities, worksheets, DVD’s and a lunch activity will be used for structured education around making friends.

Relationships and Private Stuff

Topics vary depending on the age group but may include:

  •       Body parts
    •       Public and private places
    •       Puberty
    •       Menstruation and menopause
    •       Masturbation
    •       Protective behaviours
    •       Relationships
    •       Sex and consent
    •       Contraception and safe sex
    •       Conception, pregnancy and child birth.

Teenage Private Stuff 

(for parents of teenagers)

Supporting teenagers with communication or learning difficulties with the following topics:

  •       Puberty and self esteem
    •       Relationship and communication skills
    •       Healthy relationships
    •       Expressing their sexuality appropriately and positively
    •       Sex, consent and safe sex; and protective behaviours.

Adult Private Stuff

(for carers wanting to support adults)

Supporting adults with the following topics:

  •       Relationship and communication skills
    •       Healthy relationships
    •       Expressing their sexuality appropriately and positively
    •       Sex, consent and safe sex; and protective behaviours.

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