Including Relationships goals in an NDIS plan

A National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan can include:

  1. About me: Where I live, people that support me and my daily life
  2. My Goals: Get a job, have friends and positive relationships, Join a social group.
  3. My Supports (in Capacity Building): Improved Relationships, Improved Daily Living.

If your goal is to: have more friends; learn more about private stuff; and/or a close relationship, you can include this in your plan. A plan should include 2 sessions (1 hour each) for the Relationships and Sexuality Assessment. You can then continue with Relationships Counselling to help you learn and develop your relationships skills.

Group sessions/workshops of 3 hours each will support people joining social groups, working or living together. In your plan you can include therapy, individual counselling, carer counselling, group workshops and reports. Please contact our office to discuss the services you require and to receive the paperwork required. We can also provide a quote for future planning meetings.

For more information contact Jan on 0416 122 634 or via email.