Workshop feedback

“In these workshop we all have a chance to meet new people and make friends, catching up with another and phoning each other it has been great. I believe and I feel that I have learnt alot in these workshops and it is very important to have friends like everybody else. Thank you to Liz Dore again for running these workshops and it has been great”.
Dating Skills workshop participant

“Felt good. It had a really interesting DVD (Love and Kisses, featuring people with a disability) and we got to talk about stuff we don’t talk about at school. I liked talking about puberty and sex”.
“I liked the dolls (Teach-a-Bodies), puberty and sex and learned about it. But vagina’s a rude word to say.”
Friendship Skills and Puberty Stuff participants

“Liz is a skilled educator who has high level of interpersonal skills. This is particularly important when working in the sensitive area of sexual and reproductive health. She uses a range of strategies to create a supportive learning environment that meets the diverse needs of learners. She encourages practice and active learning by clearly describing tasks and demonstrating techniques. She monitors participants’ acquisition of new skills and knowledge through strategies such as quizzes, participant demonstrations and presentations. She provides clear and sensitive feedback.”
A professional’s observations