About Liz


I have been working with people to help them achieve their educational, employment and personal goals for twenty five years.  This includes ten years experience in counselling and education. The focus of my counselling has been to support clients develop meaningful relationships and a positive awareness of their sexuality.


2005         Graduate Diploma in Systemic Counselling 
                  Australian Institute of Relationships Studies (AIRS)
2007         Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment
                  University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
2001         Certificate in Sexuality and Human Rights 
                  Family Planning NSW
1992         Bachelor of Special Education 
                  University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Additional Professional Development

2016        Therapeutic Journey
Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

2015        Creating Positive Outcomes in Complex Scenarios
                 Autism Spectrum Australia

2015        Internet Pornography and its Unintended Consequences
                  Society of Australian Sexologists
2015        Working with Parents and Family Dynamics
                  Professional Development People
2014        Client Notes – Record Keeping and Ethical Issues
                  Dr Elizabeth Riley       
2012        Dimensions of Diversity
Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
2011         Grief and Loss
                 Dr Alison Strasser
2011         ASD Diagnosis and Intervention, Advanced workshop
                 Prof Tony Attwood, Hearts and Minds
2010        Sexual Trauma Counselling –
                 Chris McCabe
2009        Good Practice – Working with adults surviving child abuse
                  Adults Surviving Child Abuse
2009        Personal/Professional Awareness of Ethical Considerations
                  Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW
2009         New Neurobiology & What it Means to Psychotherapy
                  CAPA – Dr Tony Richardson
2009         Community Responses to Complex and Diverse Needs
                  M Health Coordinating Council
2008         Aspergers, Adolescence & Couples                                    
                  Professor Tony Attwood
2007         Responding to Sexual Assault  
                  Royal North Shore Hospital Sexual Assault Service
2006         Orientation in Health Promotion                                    
                  Western Sydney Area Health Service
2005         Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment            
                  Family Planning NSW
2002         Supervision & Conflict Resolution                                    
                  Robyn Brady
2001         Child Sexual Assault                                                 
                  Education Centre Against Violence
2001         Sexuality and Core Rights                                                
                  Family Planning NSW
2001         Life Coaching Workshop
                  Coach U Aust


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